From the collection ‘Las Mujeres de Nuestra Tierra,’ comes Nellito, which represents women of challenges, who achieve everything they set their minds to; negotiators at heart, optimistic, elegant, and somewhat vain, wherever they go, they open doors; dynamic, helpful, with great inner power, the ability to materialize and manifest. This handbag have a pre-Columbian piece gold-plated ornament crafted by Colombian jewelers that invites us to always remember the value that women hold, by are a precious gem.


Chromium-free cowhide leather bag with palm Caña Flecha, grown, naturally dyed, woven, and entirely handcrafted by Zenú indigenous people and artisans in Colombia, who have been training for over 10 years to take their craft to another level. In this piece, brooches predominate, representing all the paths you can open or close according to the desires of your heart.